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LAAMS Counseling Check-In - Formulario para Consejería
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Mrs. Arevalo
Academic Counselor

Being an educator gives me thousands of opportunities to make a difference in young minds.  I may only make a difference in a few but every day I look forward to the young minds I encounter.

Ms. Gladingladin
Academic Counselor
I am honored to provide the guidance you might need in this wonderful school year. I can help you with classes, career planning, and personal problems that interfere with your school life. I graduated from Concordia University with a master’s degree in counseling. I also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Moreover, I have worked for LAUSD for many years and am still delighted to help teens—counseling students in academic and non-academic areas. If you have questions or challenges throughout the school year, please email me or visit me at my office. I look forward to helping you.
Ms. Iniguez
Academic Counselor
Ms. Sampson
Academic Counselor

I am originally from New York and growing up I ended up moving to Detroit then I ended up in California with my family. I have 2 children who are grown up now. I brought them up as a single mother , so I understand what it's like to have to do things by yourself, and for your children. During that time, I decided to go back to school , and get my AA, BA, & my Master's. It's good to go back to school , because your children get to see the high's, the lows, & roadblocks that you encounter during your journey. At the end of that journey when I graduated each time my kids saw how hard I worked and appreciated me more to go after their own journey.